About Dr. Korne

After graduating from dental school at McGill University in 1986, Dr. Paul Korne completed a residency program at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. He was then awarded his Master’s degree in orthodontics at the University of Western Ontario in London. His main interest lies in the field of orthodontic biomechanics, the science that deals with the application of forces to the teeth and supporting tissues.

Dr. Paul Korne has been in clinical orthodontic practice since 1988. He is also an assistant professor at McGill University, where he has been teaching second year dental students since 1990. Paul is an active and contributing member of many dental societies and associations. In 2003-2004, he was president of the Canadian Association of Orthodontists. In addition, he is a member of the American Association of Orthodontists, Quebec Association of Orthodontists, Order of Dentists of Quebec and the Alpha Omega dental fraternity.

Outside of dentistry, Paul plays acoustic guitar. Paul and his wife, Michelle, have three children: Ella, Andrew and Benjamin.