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Contests & Winners

We always have an exciting contest for patients of all ages to enter. Participation is the only requirement! For more information, please feel free to ask any of our staff members. Good luck to all our patients!

Current contest

Pet Contest

There are 3 ways to enter !
– DM us a photo of your pet on Instagram @korneortho
– Message us a photo of your pet on Facebook @korneortho
– Email your photo to

When we receive your photo, your name will go into a draw.
The winner will win a pet gift basket !

Follow us on instagram @korneortho to be aware of our ongoing patient contests!

Look for our contests on instagram!

Previous contests

2020 Oscars Contest

Congratulations to our winner Mrs Myra Hird.

Korne on the Go Contest

Gustavo won the Camera Go Pro for the most likes with Dr.Korne in Saint Martin

Korne on the Go

Marie - Eve won a gift card to Starbucks for most unique place

Dr Korne on the Go

Monique won a Starbucks gift card for the farthest place travelled

April Madness’ NBA playoff celebration

Congratulations to Luca R and his sister.

How many dental gloves in a jar

Congratulations to Madison T who won a gift card of $50 to Centre Eaton